Mike Brown Magic

Mike Brown is a magician based in Howell, MI that has been performing magic across the country for over 20 years!

Project Information

Services rendered: web design, foundational SEO

Launched January 3rd, 2021

Project link: https://mikebrownmagic.com

The mission

Mike’s old website was outdated. The website had inaccurate information, outdated images, and it was difficult to navigate. To top it off, the site was not mobile responsive.

The new website needed to include accurate info, simple navigation, and most importantly – be mobile responsive!

The platform

Since Mike wanted to be able to edit the website from time to time, we opted to build the website with WordPress and Elementor Pro.

Mike eventually plans to add more images and create a blog – things that WordPress handles well.

The Finished Website

Mike Brown Magic

Putting it together

Fonts & Colors

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